Customer order inquiry

All customers who have made purchases and have questions about their billing, such as order payment status (Payme/FPS), order cancellation, quantity of purchased products or total billing amount, can query all billing information through the following link🔗 .

Order Inquiry: Portal (👆🏻Please click)

The following is the login teaching method:

After clicking the link, you will see the following page. After that, you only need to enter the email address you filled in when billing📪.

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After entering your email address, a verification code will be sent to your mailbox (as shown on the right below).

You need to go to the guest's mailbox to retrieve the letter and enter it in the designated location to log in. No additional password is required .

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After entering the correct verification code, you will successfully log in to the following page.
At this time, you can view past order records and view the latest order payment status or shipment status.
Only unpaid bills (using FPS/Payme) will see the following red box mark . In other words, guests will not see it if they pay by credit card or we have received payment and updated the bill. Red box mark.
If you want to make a payment, please transfer it to our bank account:
1. FPS number: 104659396 (Payee: Cottea)
2. HSBC bank account: 801-610890-838 (Payee: Cottea)